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10 Myths about Botox

Rachael Grey-Smart explains some myths behind this popular procedure...

Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) can be a controversial subject, as in the past it was fairly unregulated with pretty much anyone administering it, who had a doctor who was prepared to prescribe the Botox for them to inject. Hence a lot of bad results and bad press. In the last few years Government legislation has been tightened up and Botox can now only be administered by an appropriate practitioner, ie. medical doctor, qualified Nurse Independent Prescriber or a dentist, following a face-to-face medical consultation. Rachael Grey-Smart RGN NIP, Clinical Nurse Practitioner, has been the owner of Cheltenham's premiere clinic, Enhance Medical Centre for over 10 years, with over 25 years of nursing experience and has specialised in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery for more than 15 of these.

She explains some myths behind the procedure:

1. Botox & Fillers do the same thing?
False: They are both used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles however they work differently. Fillers will fill the depth of lines and Botox relaxes over working muscles to reduce the lines and also prevent them getting worse. Generally any lines on the face above the nose are best treated with a muscle relaxing injection and below the nose, filler.

2. You can get addicted to Botox?
False: You cannot get addicted to Botox but you can love the benefits so much you don’t want to stop.

3. Once you start having Botox, you have to keep having the injections?
False: You can stop at any time.

4. Botox really hurts?
False: It is a tiny needle and takes seconds.

5. Botox is a poison?
True: It is a toxin, but only when used in huge quantities. The tiny amount used to treat for cosmetic purposes is not an issue.

6. You will lose all of your facial expressions?
False: As long as ‘the right person’ administers it.

7. Is A preventative treatment?
True: It prevents wrinkles appearing and it also stops the smallest one getting any bigger.

8. Can you become immune to Botox?
True: Technically you can build up antibodies against Botox, however in 17 years I have never had this happen.

9. The results are instant?
False: You will see results between 5-14 days and the effects will last between 3-6 months.

10. Anyone can administer Botox?
False: Of course not. You must be a Medical Doctor, Dentist or Qualified Prescribing Nurse.

Rachael-Grey Smart would be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to consider Botox and offers a free consultation for all cosmetic procedures.

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