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With Vince Freeman

The world of music often seems like a strange place looking from the outside in. Expensive studios in exotic locations like LA and Nashville with even bigger budgets than you or I could ever dream of!

This month I interview a guy who you don’t know but will have heard… Richard Adlam has to date worked on records by One Direction, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, Dizzee Rascal, Jessie J, Cee Lo Green, and Avicci. He has worked on records that have sold over 30 million copies and he lives in Cheltenham!

Q: So many people in the music industry live in London/New York etc, so why Cheltenham?
A: I love being here! With technology I don't need to be in the same place as artists and producers. I find it quite funny that I've recorded music from Taylor Swift to The Saturdays here in Cheltenham. People probably think this is all going on in a big studio in L.A when I'm doing it at home!

Q: What is your favourite band at the moment?
A: There are so many! I'm listening to a lot of hip hop at the moment. I like Kendrick Lamar's album, Ariana Grande, and Jay Z. I have also been listening to Nine Inch Nails a bit recently.

Q: Do you have any hot tips for the future?
A: Just yesterday I was working on a track by a new band called Blond. I think they will be huge next year.

Q: If anything what do you think Cheltenham lacks in its music scene?
A: I think it lacks a medium size venue. I think new major record company bands sidestep Cheltenham when they are doing their early tours at the moment.

Q: Do you have any advice for budding young producers?
A: Don't stop! It really is a tough nasty world and people can take you or leave you, but if you are persistent and don't let it get to you, you have a chance.

If you’re interested in checking out original music why not try out one of these venues supporting new artists: The Frog and Fiddle (Weekdays
and Weekends); Sound Music Venue (Fridays and Saturdays); SOHO Bar (Thursday nights); Two Pigs (Weekends); G’s Bar (Weekends). I have missed any venues please get in touch and I will include you in the next issue.

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