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Looking good

Yvie Bee takes you on a journey for your eyes, the window of your soul

So Ladies, party season is upon us and those peepers have to look at their optimum best. Sadly our eyes are one of the first places to age. Starting in our 20s, when dark circles and bags appear, drinking plenty of water helps but I always found Clarins Eye Gel the best. It is great at combatting puffiness, having been on the market for many years. Not too heavy on the delicate eye area, there are many out on the market but having tried and tested them I still believe this to be the best.

In our 30s this is generally when fine laughter lines appear, and the elasticity in our lids start to slacken so this is when we need a more firming tightening formula.

Only yesterday, I was introduced to a wonder product to combat all of this, Dr Sebagh Supreme Eye Serum. Formulated by Dr Sebagh himself, a prominent surgeon in the field of cosmetic eye surgery, it is an advanced formula targeting the eye area to create smoother, firmer, younger looking skin. Though a little pricey, it's roller action ensures there is no wastage.

When we get into our 40s an eye cream is needed that is nourishing as well as tightening. Some though can be too heavy creating puffiness; it really is trial and error to find one that suits you.

My absolute favourite, always returning to is, Revive Eye Cream, which again was developed by scientists for post op eye surgery. My mother who is my guru, has religiously been using it for 2 years, aged 77 and on visiting her emporium of lotions and potions, my daughter and I greedily help ourselves to all the pots on offer in her boudoir – it's great. What is it about mothers, daughters and granddaughters? You see what is hers is ours to be shared!

If all else fails and going under the knife is an option, then visit our very own Ric Cesar a brilliant, genius in the field of cosmetic eye surgery who cannot be bought over the counter but can be found at Lansdown lodge in Cheltenham!

For further information please contact the Yvie bee studio on: 01242 539504.