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Making Waves

Angharad Welsh speaks to interior design blogger and Valspar UK colour ambassador Will Taylor.

If you haven't heard of Will Taylor yet chances are you soon will. With his successful interior design blog the Cheltenham native has been called on by the likes of Oprah for his expertise and is currently working with paint brand Valspar on their new campaign.

Things all started six years ago when, after some time working in TV at the BBC, Will realised how much he missed writing and, like a lot of people, started a blog. “I didn't know anything about blogging at the start, not many people did,” admits Will. “I loved interiors and wanted to write so I created a space online that was purely my own. After about six months I'd found this whole community of bloggers and I turned Bright Bazaar into more of an online magazine. A lot of bloggers now have teams of people working on them but mine is still very personal and I work hard to keep it that way.”

Bright Bazaar certainly lives up to its name and Will is a huge advocate for colour in the home and it's this love of hues that landed him the title of colour ambassador for Valspar UK.

“My blog has helped me do some amazing things, it really is the beating heart of my business, and my role with Valspar UK is another great opportunity that's come about as a result of doing what I love. I'm very lucky to do what I do.”

And it's clear Will does it well. He was named the 7th Best Interiors Website in the world by the Daily Telegraph and has an impressive 2.8 million followers across social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

“No two days are ever the same and I love that variety in my work. One minute I’m working on mood boards for Valspar then it’s onto flat planning my book before emailing homeowners I work with and booking meetings and travel arrangements. I’ve been doing this as a job full time for three years and it’s very much learn as you go. My degree in journalism was a great start but through the blog I handle everything from publishing, advertising, design and managing brand relationships – it’s very much a multi-tasking career!”

His passion for colour creativity combined with his internationally renowned blog helped him launch his incredibly popular first book Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style, which has been translated into five languages so far, and a second has just been commissioned.

“The second book is in the early stages but I'm enjoying the process a lot more this time round now that I know how the publishing industry works. Travel helps inspire me as well as my natural environment. I recently worked with Valspar on a 3D art project, where I designed the interior of a home, which was painted on the exterior of a central London location. One of the rooms I did for Valspar 3D House, the mint green bathroom, was because I loved the pastel houses in Notting Hill. Inspiration is everywhere and I love that working with Valspar will help encourage people to colour outside the lines and embrace the colours they love, rather than just what's in fashion.”

Will Taylor is Valspar UK’s colour ambassador. Follow@ValsparColour for more information regarding his work on the Valspar 3D House. You can find out more about Will's work at