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Blushing Bride

Cheltonian Editor Carley Jones reviews the beauty treatments available at Beautique 12.

For any bride, that space between getting married and around 8 weeks before is a dead zone for beauty treatments, you try and leave everything for as long as possible so you are looking your best on your big day but this results in walking around with big eyebrows and hairy legs for a few weeks!

When I stepped into Beautique 12 my eyebrows were looking like baby caterpillars and my skin resembled that of a ghost due to my lack of application of fake tan, my usual beauty staple.

My first point of call was HD Brows with Sophie, a bit of a eyebrow novice I was excited for the outcome. HD Brows involves waxing, threading, dying and plucking the brow to get a shape to fit your face. Threading ....waxing ... sounds painful but I can assure you it was the most relaxing process, Sophie put me completely at ease and the constant flow of conversation throughout the treatment meant that it was over before it started. To say the results were impressive was an understatement; I finally felt the proud owner brows to rival the A-List!

Do not underestimate the power of how much a good eyebrow shape can change your face; it really is a hidden beauty secret.

My next stop was Nouveau Eyelash Extensions, the thought of eyelash extensions was a very appealing idea for me as with a wedding and honeymoon coming up I didn’t want to worry about mascara running or false eyelashes. The process itself was with Clare, the owner of Beautique 12, and took around 1 hour and 30 minutes. This sounds a long time to be led down having a treatment but I was so relaxed I think I may have even dozed off for a few minutes!

It’s a delicate method but pain free and the end result was astonishing, I looked so glamorous despite the fact that I had no make-up on, just the lashes. They looked fabulous but how long would they last? As I write this they are still going strong 3 weeks later with a wedding and holiday in between, a few have fallen out naturally which is to be expected but overall I am more than impressed and slightly addicted!

My last treatment was a Sienna fake tan with therapist Beth. The tan is manually applied by hand; giving it an even and streak free look plus it helps control the deepness of colour. The application itself took around 15 minutes and once again the ladies at the salon made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, despite the fact that you are often half naked when having a tan applied! I left the tan to develop overnight and the sun kissed look I asked for was exactly what I got, it was applied perfectly, no streaks or orange patches. It also wore off very nicely, sometimes tans have a habit of going patchy but this faded gradually, you wouldn’t have even realised that it was on.

The whole experience at Beautique 12 made me feel a million dollars, the service, the staff, the decor are all a cut above the normal salon service, if you are looking for some pampering for a special occasion or just for a treat then head to Beautique 12. 6 Montpellier Walk, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1SD. Tel: 07801 909919.