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Is Yours The Face Of The Cheltonian?

The search continues... crack

The Editor of the Cheltonian is on a mission. He really wants “bona-fide Cheltonians on the front cover of The Cheltonian.”

So, regardless of your age or gender, whether you’re under 18 (parental consent required) or over 50, whether you’re male or female, here’s your chance to feature on the front cover of The Cheltonian and to win a host of other prizes!

The front covers of The Cheltonian have gained a reputation for being classy and sophisticated, but it’s not just the models that create the effect, it’s the photography. In fact the real magic is all in the photography. (And maybe just a bit of Photoshop magic!)

Beauty, in the traditional sense of the word, is irrelevant. What makes for a great cover is a momentary glance of what can only be described as the ‘essence’ of a person, a glimpse, a look of intrigue. It’s a spontaneous moment caught on camera when the subject is at ease and unaware of the camera. It’s natural, not staged. (Although some planning is involved in the creation of the theme of the image. i.e. hair, make-up, backdrop etc.) The image has to have a life of its own, a depth of character, something that quite literally looks back at you and makes you wonder ‘what’s going on in that person’s mind?’ It’s this intrigue that creates a great image and a great front cover.

The best way to get that is to take lots of pictures of a person and within all of them there should be that ‘special one’. As a result, what the person actually looks like doesn’t really play a major role, lighting, shadow and that all important ‘glance’ or ‘look’ is what makes for the special image.

But before all of that there’s just a quick thirty second photo-shoot to grab that ‘glance’ and then it’s up to the people of Cheltenham to select their favourites to go through to the main photo-shoot at the studio.

So why not come along to one of the next photo-shoots? Bring a friend and have a bit of fun!

When and where?
The next photo-shoots will take place at the Beechwood Shopping Centre on:

Sunday 13th June: 11am - 2pm
Sunday 20th June: 11am - 2pm

How to vote
On the following pages are the initial shots from the first photo-shoot held on the 23rd May. To register your vote(s) simply look through them and select your favourite(s). Make a note of the image reference and text it to 60777.

i.e. Text: ‘Face 1234’ to 60777. Don’t forget to include the space between the word ‘Face’ and the number of the image. You will receive an acknowledgement text back by return. Each text vote will cost £1 plus your normal network fee.

The prizes
The main prize is, of course, a professional photo-shoot and the opportunity to feature as ‘The Face’ of The Cheltonian. However, there are lots of other prizes.

A full list of which will be included in next month’s edition, but to give you an idea, here are just some of the prizes included in the competition. Professional hair styling, £50 vouchers from sk:n, wardrobe from ‘Love It’ and other suppliers, professional make-up for the ladies from ‘Absolute Beauty’ (and for the men if they want it!), dinner for 2 for all the winners at Joules and a selection of the final images to keep for yourself.

How to enter
To enter simply attend one of the next photo-shoots at the Beechwood Shopping centre on one the dates stated previously. It’s as simple as that!

The main sponsors
Very special thanks should be given to our event sponsors, without whom this competition would not have been possible.

Beechwood Shopping Centre
The 140,000 sq ft shopping centre in the heart of Cheltenham needs no introduction. What isn’t known is the huge debt of gratitude owed to both Owen Acland the Centre Manager and Rose Hyde the Marketing Manager. Their support is what really got ‘The Face’ of The Cheltonian off the ground.

Cheltenham Dental Spa And Implant Clinic
Conveniently located in Royal Crescent close to the town centre, Ghaleb and his team will be pleased to meet you if you wish to call in to discuss your dental needs or to see the newly refurbished premises and meet the team.

Two Front Teeth Portrait Photography
John has been commissioned to photograph Patrick Moore, Mike Read and Emperor Rosko, Felicity Montage (from Bridget Jones Diary) and Alan Partridge. He also regularly works for Brian May and Roger Taylor from the band Queen.

Severn Signs
My dear friend and golfing buddy Rob Wallace who took care of all the shop graphics in the Beechwood Shopping Centre and all of the posters, leaflets, flyers etc. All at ‘mate’s rates’!