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Psst! Want To Know A Secret?

Reading this could change your life - all your life. crack

When was the last time you put yourself first? Probably so long ago that you can’t even remember. We lead such busy lives, with family, friends and work making heavy demands on our time and energy, that we often lose sight of our own needs and wellbeing. But help is now at hand with All Your Life, the unique, one-stop destination that is dedicated to making you happy.

They can help you physically, emotionally and in a practical sense to change the things you hate and enjoy the things you love. A dedicated Life Consultant, typically trained in Psychotherapy or from a therapeutic background, will help you rediscover the real you, learn new skills, and give you the pampering you deserve.

At their luxurious headquarters in the heart of Cheltenham, the company prides itself on welcoming everyone. It’s free to join and regular newsletters, weekly seminars and regular social events are just some of the benefits. With a combination of their own staff, their huge range of specialist service providers and their strategic partners Chapel Spa, multiple winners of the prestigious Day Spa of the Year award, help and enjoyment can be provided for literally anything that you can imagine.

Health, fitness and weight loss issues can be dealt with either by their Nutritionist and Personal Trainers or by taking up Belly Dancing, Burlesque, Zumba or Salsa. Why not join their Boxercise classes or enjoy some Yoga and Pilates? There are courses on Parenting and Self-Hypnosis, Laughter classes and monthly Charisma Workshops run by a ‘legendary’ Style Guru, with years of experience in TV and films.

If you need a quick fix you may choose their incredible Hypno Gastric Band procedure. And just one two hour session of Hypnotherapy can help you give up smoking. Botox or Organic Skin Therapy, a new hairstyle or teeth whitening can transform your look and make you look younger. And their Image Consultants can make over your wardrobe and advise you on style and make-up in the beautiful Image Studio.

So, don’t just think about today – think about All Your Life.

Book your Classes & Workshops now by calling 01242 222118 or by visiting or by popping in to Number One, St Margaret’s Terrace (next to North Place car park) on St Margaret’s Road,
Cheltenham, GL50 4DT.