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Mccaffreys Male Grooming


Mccaffreys, a male grooming salon on Montpellier Avenue, is one of the first of its kind for the men of Cheltenham and has really taken off since it opened merely 6 months ago. The salon itself looks appropriately like a bachelor pad – brown leather seats, manly dark wooden stairs, and a well-groomed yet entirely masculine owner to welcome you in... Who says a bloke can’t be as pampered as his missus?

Owner, James Mccaffrey explains the inspiration behind the business; “I was working in a salon in Cheltenham and had a lot of male clients who revealed they were embarrassed to be going to a conventional hair salon instead of a barbers – many said they loved the haircuts they get in hair salons but just hated coming in to such a girly environment, which is where I got the idea for Mccaffreys. I thought; if a bloke gets this embarrassed getting a haircut in a salon, then what would he be like going to get a facial? I just felt that there was a strong need for men to have somewhere they could get fantastic service but not feel uncomfortable about going in there.”

“I always wanted to set up a business, but I was very apprehensive about opening what would be considered a ‘generic’ hair salon. To open something that would be, in my opinion, the same as everything else would be very difficult, it would be hard to have an edge, but what we offer is pretty unique.”

One such unique service Mccaffreys offers is the ‘Groom Package’; “We introduced the groom packages fairly recently and they’ve proved to be quite popular. It’s purely up to them what they want – sometimes they all want haircuts, or perhaps one might want a facial while the others are having a massage - it’s all doable.”

Although the business is barely a year old, James is keen to get it off the ground before other entrepreneurs capitalise on the growing market for male vanity. So what does the future hold for Mccaffreys? “The shop’s still young; it’s about 6 months now. It took a long time, about 24 months, to take it from just an idea to an actual shop. Part of it was about trying to find the right location, then this shop came along and it just ticked all the boxes.”

“Since the business is so new, I’d like to focus my efforts on this store for now. However, I do plan to open up another store; same services, same concept, different location – as to where, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.”

“The new store would have to be somewhere which is relatively affluent, which has never had anything like Mccaffreys, perhaps places like Oxford, Bath or Leamington might fit into that frame. We’re not at the stage when we should be thinking about another store but equally the concept is so good that we need to do it sooner rather than later. In 5 or 10 years there will be a lot more of these types of places.”