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If you are a regular reader of my column then you will have registered my monthly articles on sk:n at Montpellier. I am currently receiving Laser Hair Removal in their clinic and every now and then I follow up the results of the treatment in the Cheltonian. Having being treated twice now with the magic laser gun my underarms are somewhat similar to that of my 10 year old daughter: the odd lone hair here and there and that is it. I am blown away by the effects of Laser Hair Removal – it is working far better than I could have ever imagined.

So when sk:n asked me if I would like to review Innerpeel I jumped at the opportunity. Armed with bags of research and statistics and happy in the knowledge that if sk:n are advocating Innerpeel then it’s bound to be good, I am a definite convert.

Peeling has been around as long as the Arc, Cleopatra was a regular user, probably whilst languishing in her milk bath but those days were a tad more unsophisticated than 2010 and they loaded up the ‘secret formulae’ with so many chemicals that abnormal heart rhythms were just one of the side effects. These days things are thankfully different.

At sk:n your first port of call is a consultation with an in-house therapist or nurse where they will help define a peel solution tailor-made just for you. Whatever your concern, whether it be your hands, age spots, thinning skin on the neck, skin tone or wrinkles, the good news is that there is help at hand and a resolve 60 blissfully relaxing minutes away. Depending upon the severity of the damage will define how many treatments are required, usually between one and four but the results are staggering and usually visible within a week.

Traditional exfoliation peels are often painful on application and can cause broken and bleeding skin. While they work well on lines and scars, they tend to produce less than adequate effects on skin quality. Another point worth noting is that the greater the exfoliation the greater the level of reddening, swelling and post-treatment pain which in turn means longer recovery times.

The Innerpeel technology is unique in that it does not break the surface of the skin but instead it encapsulates the exfoliating and remodelling ingredients so they are controlled. They are then released into a deep layer of the skin, near the dermis, allowing the skin to generate new collagen and elastin and in doing so, it re-boots the skins’ natural moisturizer, hyaluronic acid. This in short means that they are kept away from the top layers where they can cause surface trauma: peeling and redness. The ingredients are at optimal strength and are not diluted or buffered in any way compared to traditional peels.

Apart from the amazing de-aging results the other factor well worth noting is that you won’t have to hide away for a lengthy recovery period and while there is sometimes a sensation of heat, they are pain free....and there I was thinking ‘No Pain, No Gain’!!!!

To book your free consultation please call:

0800 028 7222 or visit

13 Montpellier Walk
GL50 1SD.